Transformation Breathwork

Transformation Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful and highly effective technique to help people open up to their full creative potential. This powerful use of breath teaches each individual an understanding of how they can use their breath to create personal transformations in a conscious, safe, natural and healthy way.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-acceptance

  • Inner healing & cleansing

  • Increased energy

  • Release tension and stress and anxiety

  • Enhancing creativity and performance

  • Deep relaxation, better quality sleep

  • Foster a deep sense of gratitude.

Barbara’s breathwork sessions combine a variety of mindfulness techniques to allow inner connection and self-awareness. Always, the breather is in control,encouraging self-empowerment, love, and appreciation of self.

Through breathwork coaching Barbara facilitates a safe space for clients tosupercharge and explore their inner worlds whilst building practical tools andstrategies for performance and wellbeing.

What is a transformational breathwork class?

Transformational breathwork uses holotropic circular breathing technique donethrough the mouth with no pause. It is a technique developed by Stanislav andChristina Grof in the 1970’s as a unique way for individuals to explore a process ofself-healing and a sense of wholeness.

The primary principle of this technique is that healing comes from within the personpracticing the breathwork. Holotropic Breathwork helps you move the conscious mind bypassing the ego and into inner creativity and connection.

Wim Hoff, the ‘Ice Man’ is an advocate of holotropic breathing and is a component of the Wim Hoff method in combination with cold-water therapy and mindfulness -mindset commitment.

Breathers are always in control of their breath and are encouraged to go at their ownpace encouraging self-efficacy and autonomy.

Session length

The sessions typically last around 1.5hrs – 2hrs depending to include an intro andgroup discussion and or journaling.

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